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The highly qualified sewer line repair specialists employed by Metropolitan Sewer Service have the expertise, certification, and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to rejuvenate your sewer systems. If you have a blockage that needs to be freed or a system in dire need of replacement, Metropolitan Sewer has a wide range of services and procedures available to get the job done right and for the most affordable price. The list of expert sewer cleaning and sewer repair services includes:

Sewer Line Cleaning

If a sewer line becomes clogged, there isn't always a clear way to discern the cause. Anything from strangulation by tree roots to clogging by a foreign object that cannot dissolve could be the cause, and Metropolitan Sewer Service has the experience and tools necessary to isolate the cause and swiftly deal with it.

Drain Line Cleaning

The various chemicals and substances that are inevitably sent down drains on a daily basis will have an effect on how smoothly the drain flows and on how clean the drain remains. Over time substances like soaps, grease, human hair, and waste will clot together and clog a drain, choking it out and causing potentially costly repairs. Metropolitan Sewer Systems has the professional grade chemicals and equipment to flush these clogs before they do too much damage.

Sink Line Cleaning

Metropolitan Sewer Service has the precise equipment and talent necessary to perform just about any sewer line repair; including blockages, loose pipes, and flow issues. However, if a problem becomes unredeemable by Metropolitan Sewer's high standards, there are several minimally invasive and highly effect procedures that Metropolitan Sewer's can take advantage of. With two holes, at the beginning and end of a sewer line, Metropolitan Sewer's specialists can perform a full sewer replacement, no unsightly and costly trench digging necessary. This is achieved by slowly installing and simultaneously destroying a faulty sewer line using safe, cost effective methods.

Sewer Repair

Full Line Replacement

Trenchless Replacement / Pipe Bursting Method

Video Inspection and Pipe Locating

Using cutting-edge camera technology and a penchant for exact, measured work, Metropolitan Sewer Services can find exactly what is wrong with your sewer systems BEFORE any invasive procedure and before charging for a digging or repair fee. Peer into your systems and find out what is causing the damage before you have to pay for needless repairs and procedures. Also featuring full sewer line replacement if your home needs to start from scratch with a brand new, state-of-the-art sewer line that is assured to last for generations to come.

These are just a few of the services we provide. If you do not see your particular service here, please call and inquire.

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